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Electric power design

Qualification and Strength

LITIAN possesses C-grade qualification (Certificate No.: A4440112000165) for power transmission and distribution. In addition, it has a perfect quality system and technical standards, enabling it to provide the optimal power design accordingly.

  • Professional design team of 15 members

  • More than 10 years of design experience

  • Large and medium-sized projects

  • Good reputation in the industry

Power construction

With a wealth of industry experience, we help customers achieve cost control, and safe and efficient use of electricity.

We offer one-stop services such as load reporting, drawing design, equipment procurement, on-site implementation, commissioning and trial-operation, inspection and delivery, achieving perfect combination of safety control, quality control, schedule control, and cost control.

Smart power construction process

  • 01 Preliminary planning

    According to the electricity use situation of the target site, provide feasible electricity consumption plan and implementation plan, and provide the project planning department with the overall project planning basis.

  • 02 Target load reporting

    According to the previous electricity plans, report to the Power Supply Bureau for implementation, and coordinate the Power Supply Bureau on various issues.

  • 03 Professional power plan design

    According to the Supply and Use Scheme Agreement, power supply design is completed and equipment materials and construction requirements clarified, so that you can easily control the overall power supply project.

  • 04 Power engineering construction

    Conduct standardized construction according to the requirements of the Power Supply Bureau; acceptance, installation and debugging are carried out in accordance with the acceptance standards; a completed data process is formed.

  • 05 Power supply acceptance and submission

    Before acceptance of any single-item project it will transmit power to the site for acceptance, providing conditions for other single-item commissioning and acceptance, accompanied by power supply files being handed over to designated departments.